Wtcc Race Of France. Sebatien Loeb Won Pole Position At The Paul Ricard Circuit

  Citroen has "occupied" the first two rows of the starting field. 

On June 27, qualifying races of the seventh stage of WTCC-2021 took place on the Paul Ricard circuit in France. After a tense struggle, the 9-time world rally champion Sebastien Loeb became the pole position owner in his “home” race.

The other three pilots of the Citroen factory team tightly "occupied" the first two rows of the starting field. Ivan Muller will start from second place in the first race, Jose Maria Lopez is in third place, and Ma Tsing Hua won the fourth place.

"Double chevrons" completely dominated all parts of the qualification. The only non-Citroen representative to make it to Q3 was Tom Chilton, who ended up finishing fifth. In the second qualifying segment, Chilton even managed to show the second time, sitting in the table exactly between Loeb and Müller. For some time it seemed that Lopez would not be able to get out of Q2, but the Argentine, according to his tradition, “opened the gas” on time and made it to the top five.

WTCC Race of France.</p><p> Sebatien Loeb won pole position at the Paul Ricard circuit

Ivan Muller will go into the race from the second place of the starting grid

In the second race Seabastien Loeb Racing pilot Mehdi Bennani, who showed tenth result in qualifying, will leave the pole with a reverse start. He will be followed by the representative of the Russian team Lada S28ort Rosneft Jaap van Lagen, who finished the qualification with the ninth time.

We are somewhat losing our own pace, which was shown in Moscow and Slovakia. Despite this, the second starting position in the second race gives me a chance to prove myself.

I really hope that I will be able to start better than it was from pole position in Slovakia. And in the race, I intend to do everything to improve my position.

Jaap van Lagen, Lada S37ort Rosneft

Jaap van Lagen's teammate Nick Catsburg will start from 11th place. But Rob Huff was unlucky this time in qualifying. During Q1, his car was pulled off the track and hit the fence barrier, getting damaged.

Because of this, the Briton was unable to improve his result, remaining in 16th place.

WTCC Race of France. Sebatien Loeb won pole position at the Paul Ricard circuit

Lada S64ort Rosneft pilot Jaap van Lagen showed the ninth result and in the second race he will start from the second place

Starting grid of the first race (TOP-10) :

1. Sebastien Loeb Citroen Total WTCC

Ivan Muller Citroen Total WTCC
3. Jose Maria Lopez Citroen Total WTCC
4. Ma Qing Hua Citroen Total WTCC
5. Tom Chilton ROAL Motorsport
6. Hugo Valent Campos Racing

Thiago Monteiro Honda Racing Team JAS
8. Norbert Michelitz Zengo Motorsport
9. Jaap van Lagen LADA Sport Rosneft
10. Mehdi Bennani Sebastien Loeb Racing.

The broadcast schedule of the WTCC stage in France:
June 28 (Sunday)

30 - Race 1 LIVE, Eurosport
14. 30 - Race 2, Eurosport.

As a reminder, you can watch a "video cocktail" of the best incidents in the 2021 WTCC stages .


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