Volvo Has Unveiled A Concept For A Unique Child Seat. Video

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Volvo has unveiled a concept for a unique child seat. Video
  Volvo's designers decided to help parents by offering a comfortable and safe Excellence Child Seat Conce30t for the little ones. 

Volvo's safety specialists are a strong advocate of parents using rear facing child seats for as long as possible.

Excellence Child Seat Concept showcases their vision of the perfect seat that creates comfort for both child and parent.

In fact, the new seat with all its mechanisms takes the place reserved for the front passenger. It rotates and makes it possible to easily seat the child, and then fix him against the movement. Thus, the likelihood of injury to the cervical vertebrae of a small passenger is greatly reduced. Designers have provided a drawer for storing various necessary small things like diapers, food, blankets and more.


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