Two German Ateliers Team Up To Create A Unique Bmw M6

  • Two German ateliers team up to create a unique BMW M6
      The truth is they say: "One head is good, and two is better ". We do not know how this proverb sounds in German, but it is unambiguous that it exists there as well. And it certainly is familiar to the specialists of the Hamann and fostla ateliers. de. 

    In the photo we see the result of their joint creation - a wide blue M6 coupe in the last F13 body.

    Hamann's handwriting is recognizable already from hundreds of meters - the unique Mirr6r body kit cannot be confused with any other. Here are the wheel arch extensions made as a single part with the fenders, and new bumpers (trapezoidal exhaust system nozzles are integrated into the rear), and the "bench" of the rear wing. Finally, the carbon fiber hood with longitudinally spaced air intakes - everything speaks of the exuberant character of the Bavarian.

    And he is really violent, because Hamann is not limited to some modifications. On the presented coupe, the control program of the inflatable "figure eight" has been changed.

    As a result, the output increased to 650 liters. with. and 850 Nm of maximum torque. Not only are the peak figures impressive, but also the speed at which they are reached. The "shelf" of the moment, for example, extends from 1500 to 5750 rpm - this is almost the entire tachometer!

    But, as they say, "happiness would be incomplete" without changing the wheels.

    The regular ones gave way to the multi-spoke Anniversary Evo, also from the Hamann catalog. The "packers" from fostla were entrusted to put the final touch on the project. de, who professionally coped with the task by pasting the "emka" with vinyl film in the color "blue matte chrome". The window edging is also wrapped in vinyl, but this time in black.

    Two German ateliers team up to create a unique BMW M6


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