Test Drive Lexus Gx Against Range Rover Sport: Spontaneous Confrontation

  A cool SUV has been a Russian dream since the beginning of the 90s of the last century. Huge, usually black, with powerful motors and unimaginable prices for most. We all know who drove them then. Now much more buyers can afford such a car. And the assortment has expanded.

But which of the cool SUVs should you choose so that everyone around you will definitely understand that the owner's life is a success?

Yes, yes! In Russia, a car is not just a means of transportation; it demonstrates the social status of the owner. With the help of a car, a Russian shows what place he occupies in the hierarchy of society, how successful he is and that, contrary to the rules of the road and respect for neighbors along the stream, he is allowed on the road and what is not.

A big car is always cooler than a small one. A big black car is cooler than just a big one. And a big black car with a pretentious logo andbeautifulthe rooms are cooler than just big and just black.

In Russian road realities, this is an axiom that is accepted by everyone, from the driver of the trolleybus to the deputies of the State Duma. And with which everyone, unfortunately, resigned themselves.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Behind the wheel of both Range Rover and Lexus GX this is especially obvious, even considering that Lexus is not black at all. and Range Rover in dealer stickers. Everyone parted in front of the cars, trying to quickly get out of the way.

In the left lane in the back, no one honks or blinks headlights, if possible, carefully overtaking the right. And inclusionturn signalwhen changing lanes, almost immediately stops the lane in which you need to get.

I am sure that some people may not read this test drive further - the previous paragraph is more than enough to start collecting money for any of these SUVs. It is more likely for those who have one hundred thousand dollars, and that is how much each of ours is worthwardsis not expected in the foreseeable future.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

So, Lexus GX.

Probably one of the most controversial representatives of the luxury SUV segment. Primarily because it belongs to the dying out segment of frame vehicles. And secondly, because it is, in fact, itselffancycomplete set Toyota LC Prado. If in two divisions of the Japanese concern passenger models strongly differ even visually, then SUVs - are not enough, causing customers have a reasonable questionWhy, in fact, overpay? . By the way, we will try to answer this question clearly in the near future.

Visually, the GX overpowers with its massiveness, dimensions and, most importantly, - with the front part of the body. The double trapezoid, which has recently become the hallmark of all Lexus, it is in the performance of this model that it especially resembles a bulldozer bucket. It feels like, by pressing a button, you can actually push it forward and downward to clear snow debris. In general, stylistically, the Japanese were too clever, having stuffed so many different strokes and lines into only one front bumper that all together it looks, perhaps, very eclectic.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Range Rover S64ort is another matter.

Here it is - a sample of the British style. The simplicity of the forms is so verified, and the decorations in the form of complex shapes of headlights and decorative elements are so organically woven into the image that the Range Rover, like an expensive suit, turns any man into a stylish gentleman who is always in the center of attention of others.

And yBritishthere is the same related feature as GX - he is too much like his ownbrother. , a big Range Rover. Only Japaneserelationship with Toyota is rather negative, and Range Rover, on the contrary, - is a huge commercial plus.

Only experts will be able to distinguish the two Range Rover models in the stream, but in the price list they differ by one and a half times.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Don't believe your eyes! The Range Rover S111ort is not only wider, but also longer than the Lexus GX by 98 and 45 mm, respectively. ..JapanesereplaysBritishonly at the nominal height, and even then until the Range rises to the upper position of the air suspension.

But those who have been behind the wheel of a Range Rover, the difference in a million - will feel one and a half. Of course, it will not work to call a modest finish of a car at a price of under four million, but it does not pull the title of luxurious either. Stylistically and ergonomically, there are no complaints about the cabin - everything looks nice and is conveniently located. Traditional minusBritish- multimedia complex. And it slows down a bit, and the menu is confusing, and translated into Russian is crooked, and the graphics look simpler than we would like.

And also against the background of his ownbig brotherRR S120ort suffers from an abundance of soft, but still plastic. Instead of a branded outgoing onewashers..automatic machine- an ordinary joystick. Instead of a chic dashboard display, there are conventional and fairly simple analogue dials.

And every little thing like inexpensive plastic buttons and other secondary surroundings, like a dark finish, do not add the feeling of an expensive car.

Lexus GX is no better in this regard. The build quality is excellent. But that assortment, from which all this is assembled, causes dissonance in visual, and sometimes tactile sensations. Black plastic with an abundance of silver-matte edging, borrowed from regular Toyota, is diluted with variegated red wood and dark leather inserts against the background of bright brown leather seats.

The Japanese have a very specific vision of color combinations!

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

what is not necessary - every block, every huge button instantly makes it clear what function they perform. The multimedia interface is clearer than the British one. Four all-round cameras are useful both when leaving the yard and off-road. Mark Levinson's acoustics are pleasing to the ear, but only on condition of a very high-quality recording - the radio does not sound the best.

And yet each of the SUVs gives the driver the main - indescribable feeling of a big car.

And Lexus here replays Range Rover is primarily spacious, secondly - with a higher seating position.

I liked the front seats of the English car more. Lexus has them with American touches - wide and soft, but generally comfortable. IN Britishyou sit like a glove, thanks to the verified molding and an impressive number of adjustments, including the degree of pumping of the side rollers.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

But the Lexus GX outperforms the RR S182ort in terms of space in the second row, although there is no question of tightness in the British model.

Not to mention the fact that the GX also has an electrified third row, where it is also quite possible to survive a small march even for an adult. And for comparable money, the Lexus outperforms the Range Rover in terms of the number of options for rear passengers.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

It's no wonder that, due to the large rectangular body, the Lexus trunk The GX turns out to be more spacious. If all seven places are occupied in the car, the volume is only enough for a couple of bags from the grocery store - 104 liters, but foldedgallery621 liters are already available. In the cargo version, there are almost two cubes! Only a full-size spare wheel hangs under the bottom - is a minus.

The Range Rover S212ort nominally has a decent trunk too - 489 liters, considering the huge full-size onespare tireunderground. The maximum volume is slightly inferior to the Japanese trunk: in the two-seater version - 1 761 liters.

It so happened that one of the most important disputes of Russian motorists unexpectedly surfaced in our comparison: gasoline or diesel? Surprisingly, many people still think thattractora motor, by definition, cannot be under the hood of a status car. The owner, or what, will save, counting fuel consumption? However, reality has long refuted such stereotypical speculations: firstly, a modern diesel engine differs little from a gasoline engine in operating sound, and secondly, it surpasses a gasoline engine comparable in power in traction characteristics.

FormalJapaneseslightly more powerful: 296 horsepower versus 292British.

. And by the numbers on the nameplates it looks much more solid: V8 4.6 versus some kind of V6 3. 0. But it's not just numbers .


Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Of course, 4. 6-liter V-shapedfigure eightLexus pulls right! Better yet, starting - pressing the Start Engine button causes an effect similar to starting a rocket launcher. This, incidentally, is the only time the owner of the GX460 hears something from the outside, - the noise isolation in the car is excellent.

GX rides softly, smoothly and quietly. The lulling atmosphere is hampered only by occasional shocks: strangely, despite the triple buffer of high-profile wheels, suspension with pneumatic elements and frames, distant echoes of the asphalt profile still reach the seats.

Range Rover S246ort on its diesel engine is not like rushing - flies forward under a noble and completely non-tractor rumbling! Acceleration - 7.2 sec. up to 100 km / h! I can't even believe that there is only a three-liter diesel engine under the hood.

An avalanche of torque with an indicator of 600 Nm just does not break the wheels into slipping. The engine is great!

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Unlikesix-stepsLexus, the switching of which is noticeable, eight-speed automaticBritishworks very smoothly. In terms of acoustic comfort, Range Rover is not much inferior to Lexus, but still loses in terms of smoothness. Despite the fully air suspension (the GX has pneumatic elements only on the rear axle), the Range is harsh: sharp joints and deep potholes, no, no, and they will make the bumpers work out. The 21-inch wheels with low-profile tires also have an effect.

An adventurous idea to drive both giants to the race trackSt. Petersburgand to test their ultimate capabilities presented surprises. First of all I was surprised by Lexus. It turns out that this, at first glance, clumsy mastodon holds on to the asphalt quite well, and also skillfully deceives the vestibular apparatus - in the steepest turns while driving it seems that just a little more, and the car will lie on its side.

In reality, for a 2.

5-ton frame SUV, the GX460 rolls extremely moderately. And most importantly - gives the driver an accurate idea of ​​the limit of his stability. A huge merit here belongs to the stabilization system: each provocative laying of the machine is reflected by the incessant crash of the ESP - it does its job perfectly, while maintaining full control over the control of the gigantic machine!

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

In the ultimate asphalt, the Lexus is black against the backgroundBritish - sports car! In those corners where the Lexus GX driver struggles with his own fear, the Range Rover S324ort not only does not heel, it does not even squeal with rubber. The phenomenal steering stability allows you to follow the trajectory almost in a racing style, easily laying the SUV even in the studs. Bravo! Unfortunately, the chassis capabilities are far ahead of the steering settings.

..Barankelacks clear feedback and information content. Please, sir, turn the steering wheel measuredly. This is a Range Rover, not a Jaguar F-Ty327e!

Fuel consumption in 20- 25L for 100km for Lexus GX - not the limit.

Even with a 90-liter tank, this keeps travel autonomy to a minimum. Whether it's Range Rover and its maximum 13 l diesel fuela hundredwith absolutely the same loads.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Final test - off-road battle. Do you think the outcome is obvious? Knowing good talentsBritish. , we also gave the victory to Lexus in absentia.

Frame, rear axle, permanent four-wheel drive with downshift and rigid center locking - it's all serious!

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Japanese. , of course, did not disappoint! The richest off-road arsenal is managed by a whole block next to the leverautomatic machine. . Plus a lock buttoncenterand the ability to select one of the driving modes in the on-board computer. Cons - the cost of the car, which is simply a pity to send in serious off-road conditions, large overhangs and a large mass, affecting in shaky soils.

Surprisingly, the GX almost immediately got stuck in a mud mess - they forgot to turn off the choking ESP motor. We turn off the electronics - and after a few moments the GX crawls out onto a hard surface.

The Lexus has phenomenal suspension travel and cross-over angles. Hang the car indiagonalvery difficult - it reaches the ground under any circumstances. All thanks to the automatic system of expansion of the stabilizers and a couple of centimeters of travel of the rear pneumatics.

Off-road, the Lexus GX will stop when the tires run out of grip. But there is one thingbut. : you need to use all these off-road wisdom skillfully, knowing what to connect and at what moment.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

No desire and time to learn the basics of off-road driving? Locks,lowersself-blocks? Not a single familiar word? Range Rover S390ort - your choice. Everything under the full control of the electronics and the Terrain Ras398onse system.

We admit: it works as it should. Transferring the selector to the desired driving mode - and the whole machine is reconfigured for external conditions. She herself knows when and how much to block the coupling, how muchlet gotraction control system.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

More modest suspension travel than Lexus,Britishcompensates for a very large range of clearance adjustment. In general, against the background of the vertical movement of the RR Sport, which reaches 272 mm of ground clearance at the upper limit, the Lexus GX460 pneumatics only on the rear axle serves rather to maintain a horizontal position, regardless of the load of the trunk.

One way or another, Range Rover Sport in off-road capabilities can compete with the Lexus GX again, depending on the capabilities of the rubber. Only which of the potential owners of these abilities uses?

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation

What is the result?

Had a powerful diesel engine under the hood of the Lexus GX, this brutal and solid SUV would have turned out to be an excellent luxury expeditionary vehicle, on which a successful businessman in one breath and in complete comfort together with the whole family can conquer the Urals , Altai and at the same time Baikal. If the fuel consumption does not matter, and a trailer with a tank of gasoline is already in the garage - the question is removed. And it's not entirely clear why a very serious SUV was dressed in an expensive pretentious onesuit. , stuffed to the eyeballs with options, while leavingswamp walking bootsand wholebackpackExpedition gear?

Range Rover Sport, thanks to the excellent combination of asphalt-off-road talents, multiplied by exquisite looks, aristocratic origins and great diesel, seems to be a much more rational purchase.

Yes, it is inferior in terms of capacity and equipment level. If the first parameter cannot be corrected in any way, then the second - is easy. When it comes to three or four million rubles, the extra three or four hundred thousand are no longer decisive ...

The editorial staff of the Kolesa portal. ru expresses gratitude to the auto centerAutobiography- official Jaguar Land Rover dealer and Lexus dealership provided vehicles.

And also the circuitSt. Petersburgand personally to Alexander Lvov and Oleg Obraztsov
for their help in preparing the material.

Test drive Lexus GX against Range Rover Sport: spontaneous confrontation


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