Test Drive Bmw X5 Xdrive 30D: Distortion Of Reality

  It's sad to part with good things. You get used to them instantly. Nice computer, nice smartphone, nice clothes. It's the same story with cars: once having tried a good car in business, changing to an ordinary one is hard. 

I have long ago determined for myself why BMW X5 is so loved in Russia.

This is not just an expensive toy for rich boys. This is a very serious apparatus capable of small feats. This is the embodiment of the owner's status and, if you will allow it, a kind of manifesto: the X5 driver does not agree to half-measures. He needs the maximum. Maximum comfort, maximum drive, maximum respect.

And the car gives it all. True, in the third reincarnation, it became not only more expensive: the cost of the simplest version exceeds 3.1 million rubles - you will have to pay a luxury tax.

I confess, I have been breathing unevenly towards diesel engines for a long time. Plus, it just so happened, at the moment in Russia, the BMW X5 30d is the most affordable version of the car.

It was from this calculation that I chose the car in the press park. But, as often happens, I was given a car for the test, the price tag of which goes beyond good and evil: more than 4 million rubles. That is, almost a verdict: in the foreseeable future I cannot afford such a device, which is a pity. The car sunk into the soul.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

Externally, X5 in the third incarnation is 100% recognizable.

Someone said that, they say, there are not enough differences from the second generation. Frankly, judging by the pictures, I thought about the same. How wrong we were! He's different. More insolent, more sporty, more imposing, but still damn effective. Black rims on an ultra-low profile, dark dark brown body.

.. For greater mystery, it would be possible to darken the "nostrils" of the radiator. I'm sure I would have done it in the owner's place. But with the standard ones it is okay.

Whichever side you approach - male! A real boomer.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

The salon is not just chic. He corrupts with his sophistication. Brown leather, black ceiling, roughly finished wood in the interior paneling. .

. Rich. Seriously. Inspires. The main thing is that the typical Bavarian asceticism is not felt here.

Well, maybe the dashboard with two "saucers" on a black background looks a bit stingy. But this is also understandable: unnecessary decorations on devices are the lot of those who need to show themselves off. The X5 doesn't need this.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

Needless to say, the fit is perfect? The front seats are equipped with adjustments for everything and everything, including the kink of the backrest, knee support and the degree of lateral support. Yes, these chairs are optional, each stands like a Matiz.

Heated steering wheel, adjustable in a completely unrealistic range. With my two meters, I pushed the chair far back, pushed the steering wheel all the way, and it almost rested against my chest. Visibility is excellent.

When in doubt in the parking lot, the 360-degree video surveillance system will help you not offend anyone or damage the sculpted body shapes.

The next generation of the iDrive multimedia system is able to suggest ways to avoid traffic jams, understands tactile information input, and in Russian - the touch panel is located on an enlarged joystick.

Well, by tradition - no touchscreens. Only buttons are safer.

I'm not sure about the convenience and logic of iDrive. You can get used to it, although the same Audi MMI interface is much easier to learn. But even here BMW has an advantage: the widescreen display can be divided into two zones and display different information on them, for example, navigation and a list of tracks from a flash drive.

The combination can be anything. By the way, about flash drives: the on-board electronics flatly refused to read information from a newfangled flash drive without a metal element around the contacts - the USB plug is too loose, the contacts do not fit snugly enough. There were no problems with an ordinary flash drive.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

The transparent roof is, of course, great, but I, for example, have "holes" I don't like the ceiling. Therefore, I especially praise the Bavarians for making the shutter of all this splendor impenetrable - no glare from above interferes.

The same Mercedes or Audi make curtains from mesh material, I could never understand why.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

Salon by saloon, but still the main dish - of course, drive. You can't just call it a ride. X5 can even turn a banal trip from home to a supermarket into an exciting ride. Diesel, although "basic", but very combat.

The power seems to be not the most significant - 249 liters. with. However, this bi-turbo motor conquers with torque: 560 Nm, even with a mass of 2,145 kg, is more than enough. Situations when I did not have enough power, during the week of the test, did not arise even once. On the contrary, BMW engineers have reached such heights in their craft that they made even this starter version excessively powerful.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

Driving the X5 around town is unbearable. And it's not about traffic jams or cramped conditions. It is worth leaving the yard, as all the surrounding drivers seem to deliberately slow down. You seem to be driving calmly, safely, with a good margin for any maneuver, but you have to go around everyone. And so somewhere up to 180 km / h.

The diesel X5 picks up this speed effortlessly, in a matter of seconds, while maintaining absolute obedience to any actions of the driver. The usual speed of 70-80 km / h on a BMW is perceived differently: it seems as if you are standing still. Slightly pressed the trigger - and already 120 km / h, and the speed is gaining. ..


Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

The eight-speed "automatic" works completely imperceptibly: the moment of gear change can only be judged by shaking tachometer arrows, as the speed gain is smooth and inexorable. The breath is not intercepted, the car behaves as if it is a normal mode of operation. And only the traffic police inspector does not agree with this. .

. And he does not care that the car is reliable and predictable: it is not supposed to.

Passport data are as follows: acceleration 0-100 km / h - 6.9 s. Maximum speed - 230 km / h.

Wait a minute. .. Is this the basic version? Yes, that's right, the three-liter diesel engine in the lineup is the most modest. But another question arises: why more? Apparently, just so that during acceleration, the heart and the world around it sank, and the passengers swallowed validol.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

The X5's suspension is stiff, but just enough to let the driver know what it's like coating quality. Discomfort occurs only on completely broken primers, in other cases, information about each bump reaches the salon, but only in the form of a slight vibration. And then if you swap those black 20s for the standard 18-inch wheels, the car becomes noticeably softer. And now - beauty demanded sacrifices, sometimes you have to slow down in front of especially large pits. But it is even more pleasant to go around them without slowing down.

The steering effort in the X5 clearly hints at the preferred gender of the driver: the car is definitely "sharpened" for men. The chubby rim fits perfectly in the hand, and the variable ratio rail is tuned to be twisted by a strong hand. I hate this cliché, but the steering wheel in the X5 is exemplary "transparent". There is always information about the position of the wheels.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

I will say more: BMW has created an absolutely "transparent" chassis.

You literally feel the position of the car on the road with your whole body. You can go through turns at least twice as fast as usual, and there will be no drifts or drifts: on dry surfaces, the Pirelli Scor130ion rubber adheres to the asphalt perfectly.

Pay for ultra-low profile - absolute rejection of the track. The steering wheel tends to break free from the hands, and this is exactly the case when a strong hand is needed to maintain the trajectory. Only here on the snow the Italian "Velcro" is absolutely helpless: even on slightly sprinkled asphalt, the tread instantly clogs up and the grip seems to disappear.

Where in the usual "Hakka" I calmly slowed down from 60 km / h, Pirelli slides helplessly, causing attacks of ABS chirping.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

But the X5 is a four-wheel drive car. The Xdrive is tuned in such a way that under normal conditions, up to 70% of the thrust is transferred to the rear axle, so that the car retains its rear-wheel drive behavior. On slippery surfaces, the distribution of the moment between the axles is evened out. This is expressed in the fact that even on this stupid rubber to ride in the snow is a thrill! .

.. With precise throttle response and responsive steering, skid control is easy. I added a little gas - straightened the arc, threw it off, turned the steering wheel - put the car sideways. Everything is logical and safe for the driver, no matter how frightening it looks from the outside.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

Of course, driving sideways on the X5 is bad manners. Yes, it does not go on real off-road - the ground clearance is 209 mm, there are no "dips" and off-road transmission algorithms, but who cares? It is built for long range. On the track, the car perfectly keeps straight, unless there is a deep rut, and the engine rustles at minimum speed, saving fuel. Consumption in this cycle is 5.7 l / 100 km.

The declared city - 7 liters. Maybe this is true. During my test in the city, the X5 burned about 11 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km, however, it should be noted that I drove very fast. A normal person also drives for a month or two, then, most likely, he will calm down, and, quite possibly, will be able to keep within the stated consumption data.

In general, few words and thoughts can describe the experience of driving a BMW X5.

The Bavarians have long ago reached a completely unattainable level of development and customization of technology. The X5 is a high-caste crossover. Yes, there is a price to be paid for perfection, but the X5 returns the investment more honestly than most other expensive cars.

Brief technical characteristics of BMW X5 xDrive 30d

Dimensions (L x W x H), mm 4886 * 1938 * 1762
Unladen weight, kg 2145
Ground clearance, mm 209
Trunk volume, l 620/1669
Volume fuel tank, l
Engine diesel, 3.0 l, 249 l.


Transmission automatic, 8-speed
Drive full
Acceleration 0-100 km / h, s. 6.9
Maximum speed, km / h 230
Average fuel consumption, l / 100 km 7 (manufacturer's data)

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality

Competitors of the BMW X5 in the Russian market

BMW appreciate the driving qualities, but many people will find the X5 harsh. For them - Mercedes ML and Audi Q7.

The machines are already well-known, respected and no less worthy.

The Audi Q7 has been in production since 2006. The car has long been known. The main trump card is a huge salon, economical engines and a slightly more affordable price. Read about the Audi Q7 4.

2 TDI in the Kolesa Test Drive. Ru.

Mercedes-Benz ML-class wins over with a comfortable suspension. The salon is a capsule isolated from the world. The suspension handles any irregularities so that the driver does not feel anything.

The interior is slightly simpler than in the X5, but no less luxurious, and the Designo equipment is generally a work of auto art.

Test drive BMW X5 xDrive 30d: distortion of reality


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