Supercars In Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​record Dream

  Carroll Shelby has become a legend in the American car industry. The creator of the best American supercars, he has worked with all major concerns: Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. But our today's hero, although he lives in the United States and bears the surname Shelby, is his namesake, close in spirit, who dreamed of creating the fastest car in the world. 

1999 - SSC North America is founded

The dreams of Jarod Shelby, the American designer of high-speed super cars, are closely intertwined with the ideas of other dreamer-supercar makers. Like many, he wanted to create a car that would wipe its nose with such eminent competitors as Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini.

But the speed ceiling of 350 km / h seemed not so great for Jarod: it was necessary to create a supercar that would break speed records and take the crown from the Bugatti Veyron with its maximum speed of 407 km / h. This is how the Shelby Su12er Cars brand was born.

Jarod himself was fond of cars from childhood, participated in karting and amateur circuit races. In these races, Shelby gained experience, which he would later apply in his cars. So, participating in races, he brought up a sense of competition, and also understood how the outcome of the struggle can depend on the smallest detail.

Shelby, showing good results on the tracks, predicted a racing career in the American racing series, but ... In 1991 he co-founded Advanced Imaging Technologies Inc. , specializing in the production of medical devices, in which Shelby has devoted almost 8 years.

Supercars in Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​Record Dream

Under the leadership of Jarod, several systems for imaging diagnostic equipment and 3D modeling were developed, for which he received several patents. After earning capital from medical equipment, Shelby decided to build his own supercar. According to the developer himself, the company, opened in 1999, was supposed to produce only cars created using the latest technologies in automotive design and tested in different climatic conditions, in order to subsequently avoid problems for both the buyer and the company itself.

2004 - SSC Aero SC / 8T

Almost five years passed from the creation of the company to the construction of the first prototype. The designer spent a lot of effort and money on preparing and bringing the supercar to production.

The first prototype, indexed Aero SC / 8T, was based on a computer-sized tubular steel frame, while the outer hull panels of the mid-engined supercar were glued from fiberglass. The independent suspension of the front and rear wheels on double wishbones was attached to the frame. The engine was installed behind the passenger cockpit, borrowed from the racing modification of the Chevrolet Corvette C5-R. The 6.3-liter, dry-sump V8 lower shaft was equipped with two Eaton mechanical compressors and a liquid intercooler, which made it possible to develop an output of 800 hp.

with. This engine was paired with a 6-speed manual transmission borrowed from the Dodge Vi35er.

In 2005, the second prototype of the supercar with the SC / 8T index was created. The engine was boosted, received a new intercooler and a motor control system, which made it possible to increase power to 921 hp. with.

, while the torque increased to 1,045 Nm. To cope with such power, the rear axle has been fitted with a limited slip differential. The aerodynamics of the prototype was adjusted in a NASA wind tunnel, where it was found that the car could withstand speeds of up to 440 km / h. Both prototypes, orange and gray, respectively, were subsequently used by Jarod in an advertising campaign, and the first was sold at a 2008 Barrett-Jackson auction in Palm Beach, California for $ 189,000.

2006 - SSC Ultimate Aero

Two years after the first prototypes were shown, Jarod Shelby's company presented a production car, which was named Ultimate Aero.

Under the hood of the supercar is the same 6.3-liter V8 engine, which is based on the engine block of the racing Corvette. Equipped with two mechanical superchargers and intercoolers, it develops 1,143 hp. with. and 1,450 Nm of torque.

This power was achieved after the engine was reconfigured for the use of racing gasoline, the octane number of which exceeds 100 units. A 6-speed "mechanics" is aggregated with the motor, which transmits torque from the engine to the rear axle.

Supercars in Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​Record Dream

The design of the car differs from the prototype: the tubular space frame of chrome-molybdenum steel has been redesigned, and the outer panels of the body began to be made of lighter and more durable carbon fiber. As a result, the supercar catapults from place to the passport "hundred" in just 2.8 seconds, and the recorded maximum speed reaches 411 km / h.

At the same time, the interior, trimmed with leather, suede and carbon fiber, is equipped with electrically adjustable Recaro seats, a Rockford Fosgate Hi-Fi audio system with 10 speakers, power windows, air conditioning and a navigation system.

2007 - SSC Ultimate Aero TT

But even this was not enough for some customers. At their request, a new car was created, which received the prefix TT in the index, which meant the use of two Garrett turbochargers in the engine instead of mechanical supercharging. The use of turbocharging allowed to reduce the weight of the car and more finely tune the engine to increase its performance. The power of the lower shaft "eight" jumped to 1,187 liters.

with. and 1,480 Nm of torque. The car accelerated from standstill to hundreds in 2.8 seconds, and the top speed of the novelty exceeded 415 km / h.

In 2009, an updated version of the supercar was prepared.

The engine capacity was increased to 6.4 liters, and thanks to a more efficient gas pump, injectors and new low-inertia turbochargers, it was possible to increase the power of the new engine to 1,200 hp. with. and a torque of up to 1,500 Nm. To prevent engine overheating, the side air intakes have been enlarged and the radiator and intercooler areas have been increased by 20 percent.

The front end has undergone changes, including a new bonnet and front bumper, to give it a more streamlined shape and reduce the drag coefficient. The rear of the supercar was also redesigned: the wing could play the role of an aerodynamic brake and rise to an angle of 65 degrees when braking. The changes also affected the interior: there were new chairs and a dashboard.

The first production Ultimate Aero TT was auctioned off for $ 431,000 in a total run of 25 supercars.

Supercars in Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​Record Dream

2021 - SSC Ultimate Aero XT

In 2021, the company announced about the creation of a new generation supercar and the release of the farewell version of the Ultimate, which received the XT index.

For the first time, a new generation engine created on the basis of the Chevrolet LS7 engine was tested on the new car. The 7-liter bottom-shaft V8, which was installed on the Z06 version of the sixth generation of Corvettes, was equipped with two turbochargers, liquid intercoolers and a dry sump lubrication system, as a result of which the power reached 1,300 hp. with. It was paired with a 7-speed manual transmission and a reinforced three-plate clutch. Theoretically, the maximum speed of the supercar was supposed to exceed 435 km / h, but in fact the car was never able to overcome the threshold of 420 km / h.

The circulation was only 5 copies, and the price tag for the car was not even advertised. Each of the cars had an individual two-color color scheme: after the client confirmed the chosen scheme, it becomes inaccessible to others.

2021 - SSC Tuatara

As we already know, in 2021 Jarod Shelby presented a prototype of his next generation supercar, which originally bore a working title The Ultimate Aero TT 2. It was featured in Shanghai at the SSC Asia Authorized Dealership Opening in 2021 and later at the Pebble Beach beauty pageant in California. The idea for the new car came to Jarod in the summer of 2021, when the world speed record set by his Ultimate Aero TT was broken by another supercar - the Bugatti Veyron Su99er S105ort.

Supercars in Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​Record Dream

American Jason Castriota, former chief designer of SAAB, created the spectacular design of the car. Shelby gave his new car the name Tuatara in honor of the reptile of the same name that lives in New Zealand. In the language of the Maori tribe, the word Tuatara means "spikes on the back", which corresponds to the Castriota design ideas embedded in the supercar. The new tubular frame of the car is made of aluminum alloys, and the outer body panels are made of carbon fiber and Kevlar. The frame is equipped with independent front and rear wheel suspensions on double forged aluminum wishbones, and perforated ventilated brake discs with a diameter of 385 mm front and rear are made of composite ceramic materials.

For the first time in SSC practice, a supercar was equipped with an anti-lock braking system.

Supercars in Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​Record Dream

The car was equipped with an all-aluminum 7-liter V8 engine weighing only 194 kg, which, in unlike the version used on the Aero XT, it already develops 1,350 hp. with. and 1,413 Nm thanks to new low-inertia turbochargers with variable turbine geometry and oversized liquid intercoolers. It is accompanied by a 7-speed robotic sequential gearbox with paddle shifters, which transfers torque from the engine through a limited slip differential to the rear wheels.

To reduce unsprung masses, the Tuatara rims are made of composite and have a carbon fiber rim and a central part of magnesium alloys, which made it possible to reduce the weight of each wheel to 5.8 kg. All this, together with a lightweight composite body, made it possible to leave the curb weight of the supercar at the level of 1,250 kg, while the standard equipment includes air conditioning, electric seats and power windows, a high-quality Rockford Fosgate audio system with 12 speakers and a multimedia system with integrated navigation, a rear-view camera and DVD turntable.

Supercars in Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​Record Dream

According to the calculations of the creators, the maximum speed of the rear-wheel drive mid-engined Tuatara should be 443 km / h, and acceleration from zero to "hundreds" takes about 2.5 seconds.

The launch into mass production was never started due to financial crises and lack of money for the final revision of the modern supercar. But, according to recent reports, Jarod Shelby overcame all difficulties and found investors willing to invest in his project. The author promised to launch the first serial Tuatars into mass production at the end of 2021. The estimated price for the supercar is $ 1.3 million.

Supercar production

Supercars in Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​Record Dream

The company is headquartered in Jarod's hometown Shelby West Richland, Washington. Initially, all cars were assembled in a tiny workshop located in the backyard of Jarod's own house, and almost all of the components were purchased from other manufacturers. For example, engines for SSC were supplied by the sports division of Chevrolet, transmissions were purchased from BorgWarner, and a number of suspension elements and a frame with external panels were ordered from other private workshops. Now, in the same West Richland, a modern plant is being built, where cars will go through all stages of the assembly process under one roof, including fine-tuning and tuning the supercar on modern equipment. From 2006 to 2021, the tiny workshop assembled just 20 SSC Ultimate coupes.

The new plant plans to build up to 30 supercars per year. Each car of the brand is built by hand according to a preliminary order, and the production time for a new car at the old factory could be more than six months.

Interesting Facts

In 2021, Shelby Su152ercars officially changed its name to SSC North America. This was done in agreement with Carroll Shelby himself, Jarod's namesake and owner of Carrol Shelby International, in order to avoid confusion in brands.

Initially, the brand emblem consisted of the letters SSC inscribed in an oval, but after the 2021 rebranding, a new one was created.

On the heraldic shield, consisting of 22 blue and 20 white rhombuses, there is a scarlet stripe and the motto of the company "In Veritate Victoria", which translates into Russian as "In truth is victory".

Supercars in Detail: Shelby Super Cars, America's Speed ​​Record Dream

Initially, Jarod Shelby's supercars did not have any ABS and other auxiliary electronic systems, since in the author's opinion, they interfere with the owner's enjoyment of driving this vehicle.

One of the SSC Ultimate Aero XTs is owned by renowned American car collector Jay Leno.

What is the SSC chip?

- Holder of several world speed records recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

- Using an archaic Chevrolet lower shaft engine as a basis.


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