Renault Has Created A New Concept Car For The Public Relations Van Trafic

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    Renault has created a new concept car for the public relations van Trafic
      The French intrigued us with a teaser of a novelty, which in fact turned out to be a Renault Trafic model prepared for filming in promo videos. Fun and funny. Bravo. 

    Renault has filmed a remake of the Khight Rider TV show. In its version, the French automaker decided to show the modern knight of the road and his faithfulhorse.


    Knight Rider (Knight Rider. ) was a popular science fiction television series that aired on NBC from 1982 to 1986. Michael Knight, who fights crime with his AI KITTcar , solving their daily tasks not without helpTraffic. .

    Well, we are waiting for the continuation of the exciting adventures of Kraftsman and his Renault Trafic and remind you that sales of a new generation will begin in Russia from day to day Renault Sandero. The price for the hatchback of the VAZ assembly has already been announced: in the basic configuration they ask for the same amount for the new product as for the predecessor.


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