Peter Solberg Named Road Safety Campaign Ambassador

  The World Rally and Rallycross Champion will support the program implemented by the FIA. 

The reigning world rallycross champion and 2003 world rally champion Peter Solberg has become the official ambassador of the FIA's road safety campaign. Peter has joined other world champions who are already supporting this program. Among them are the two-time and reigning world champion in Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton, as well as the stars of the World Endurance Racing Championship Anthony Davidson and Sebastian Buemi.

Peter Solberg, who won five of 12 events in the first ever World Rallycross Championship held last year, will be promoting a program to reduce the number of fatal road crashes worldwide.

The Norwegian will take part in the campaign urging drivers to be more careful on the roads and teaching them how to drive safely.

Peter Solberg named road safety campaign ambassador

On the racetrack, Peter Solberg is an uncompromising fighter. But on a regular road - a polite driver

The importance and necessity of road safety is a matter of honor for the legendary driver.

I am honored to be the ambassador for the FIA ​​road safety campaign. The statistics are terrible.

Every 30 seconds someone is killed on the roads around the world, and 1.3 million people die in road accidents every year. These are, in fact, two Oslo, and this is a frightening statistic that we want to reduce. If everyone follows the simple advice that we give in the framework of this program, then the situation on the roads will be much better.

Peter Solberg , world rally and rallycross champion.

Not so long ago, as part of its program, the FIA ​​launched an online service through which every driver can join this campaign. The essence of the program is for the driver to follow the FIA's 10 "golden" rules to make driving a car safer. These include rules such as "Fasten your seat belt", "Observe the speed limit", "Do not drive if you drink" and "Be courteous and attentive when driving"

Recall that this year Peter Solberg and Liam Doran have joined forces to form a team to play together at WRXC .


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