New Lada Kalina Sport Went To Dealers

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New Lada Kalina Sport went to dealers
  The other day it became known about the imminent start of sales of "sports "domestic hatchbacks. And now at the disposal of the portal Kolesa. Ru turned out to be pictures showing the sending of cars to dealers. 

Remember that the Kalina S36ort is offered with one 1.6-liter engine with 118 hp.

with. , which works in tandem with a five-speed "mechanics". The cost of one single luxury configuration starts at 487,000 rubles.

The company Lada S45ort, which produces "charged" Kalins, reported that to date the cars have arrived at 7 dealerships throughout Russia. Car sales will be carried out by the same car dealerships that sell Granta Sport.

The company is confident in a successful start of sales and user interest. The very official start of implementation is scheduled for the first week of August. August 5th is called as a preliminary date.

In the very near future you will be able to read a test drive of the new Lada Kalina Sport on our portal. Do not miss!

New Lada Kalina Sport went to dealers

New Lada Kalina Sport went to dealers


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