Mitsubishi Outlander With "face" Lada Xray Lit Up Without "camouflage"

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Mitsubishi Outlander with
  The world premiere of the restyled Mitsubishi Outlander, which many predict the status of a copy of the new Lada design DNA by Mattin, will take place only next month at the New York Auto Show, but the opportunity to see the new productliveand withoutcamouflageintroduced herself to us now. New cars, which had just rolled off the assembly line, were photographed by photo spies in one of the ports in Japan during loading. 

In the exterior of the updated Outlander, you can easily guess the features of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Conce35t-S concept, first shown to the general public in September last year. Most of all, in the exterior of the Outlander 2021 model year, new bumpers, a modified radiator grill and a different optics than its predecessor are striking. The taillights, for example, are now very similar in shape to those of the Pajero S37ort.

A large number of interior changes are also expected.

As for the range of engines, no surprises should be expected. Apparently, the new Mitsubishi Outlander will receive the same power units as the current generation of the car.

In Russia, there are three of them - four-cylinder with a volume of 2.0 and 2.

4 liters and a capacity of 146 and 167 liters. with. respectively, as well as a three-liter V6, developing 230 liters. with. The first two are aggregated with a CVT variator, while the latter is offered only in tandem with a 6-speed oneautomatic.

. The most affordable equipment of a 2021 car with a two-liter engine costs 1,249,000 rubles, 2.4-liter version will cost at least 1,559,990, and the cost of modification with a V6 starts from 1,789,990. Cars of 2021 are already 30,000 rubles more expensive ..

. The most expensive in the Mitsubishi Outlander lineup is the hybrid version with the PHEV prefix in the name, which is equipped with a 121-horsepower 2.0-liter gasoline engine and two electrical installations. Price - from 2,249,000 rubles.

In the photo: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Concept-S


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