Lexus To Fill Lx Tank With Diesel

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    Lexus to fill LX tank with diesel
      The flow of complaints aboutgluttonyThe Lexus LX from their owners is forcing the company to consider making a more economical version of the full-size SUV. 

    The Japanese automaker is evaluating the prospects for equipping Lexus LX with a diesel power unit. Sean Hanley, head of the Australian division, says consumer demand for large diesel SUVs is strong in a number of countries today, so the heavy fuel engine could help Lexus boost LX sales.

    Lexus to fill LX tank with diesel

    Lexus to fill LX tank with diesel

    Which engine the Lexus LX will get is not yet reliably known. According to rumors, the car will borrow the diesel power plant from the Toyota Land Cruiser SUV.

    We are talking about a V-shaped turbochargedfigure eightvolume 4. 5 liters, which develops 261 liters. with. and 650 Nm of torque.

    Currently, the Lexus LX is equipped exclusively with gasoline engines.

    The range of motors includes units with a volume of 4.6 and 5.6 liters, combined with an automatic transmission.


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