Ford Unveils T4 Troller Suv Concept

  • Ford unveils T4 Troller SUV concept
      CompanyFordunveiled the T4 Troller concept SUV, which will debut at the Sao Paulo Motor Show on October 30. While about the serial future of the newTrollernothing is reported. 

    Troller is a Brazilian SUV manufacturer. The company was founded in 1995 and was acquired in January 2005Ford. .

    The amount of the deal has not yet been disclosed.

    Ford created the T4 Troller concept SUV for the Sao Paulo Auto Show. Probably through the efforts of a South American design studio.

    Ford unveils T4 Troller SUV concept

    Ford unveils T4 Troller SUV concept

    Concept Ford T4 Troller is equipped with snorkel, winch, roof rack, steel bumpers with the shortest overhangs. The SUV received an all-wheel drive system and a five-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 3.

    2 liters and a capacity of 197 hp. with. A 6-speed manual transmission is docked with it.

    Ford unveils T4 Troller SUV concept

    Ford unveils T4 Troller SUV concept

    The color scheme of the car's interior echoes the color of the body. The seats are covered with leather, there is an automatic climate system and navigation.

    At the 2021 Sao Paulo Auto Show, the Troller R-X concept was unveiled, which is unambiguously similar to the Jeep Wrangler. The car was equipped with the same turbochargeddiesel. , but with less efficiency - 165 liters. with.


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